Efectul plagiatului, vin afaceristii in tara

In urma scandalului cu plagiatul lui Ponta, am primit mailul asta:


Dear Cristian,

My name is Emilia Sukhova. I’m a representative of a new free-to-use service Plagtracker.com with its main specialty – plagiarism checker.

We are all aware about the recent news of Romanian prime minister being caught (or not caught) on plagiarism, so I thought maybe we can try to cooperate with each other, because topic of plagiarism is very popular now among Internet users of Romania and I’m specializing on plagiarism myself.

You have a lot of useful information on your site, so I thought maybe you’ll be interested in reviewing our plagiarism checking software. Or I can write an article about plagiarism for your blog. It’s not a commercial offer or spam, because we are free service, so I thought you might be interested.

The point is that we would like to present ourselves to the people of Romania, so they would be able to check their papers for plagiarism with easy and free tool.

Let me know what you think, maybe you have some other ideas and I’ll be glad to collaborate with you.

E bine, e si asta o nisa, e si asta o afacere. Daca credeti ca e interesant, puteti sa ii folositi 🙂 Cine stie, poate aveti solutii de plagiat de verificat. Si poate isi deschid un birou, doua si in Romania, sa investeasca, sa plateasca chirie, impozite, taxe si sa isi cumpere masini. Macar pe asta sa vina investitorii aici.

Cristi Dorombach

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