Fuck him, then dump him

It’s easy to control him. Also you can call him every minute and ask him where he is what’s doing out there, and ask when you’ll see him again.

Sometimes it’s good just to be lovely and friendly. Just to show him that you`re not the master, and after that you’ll kill him by reproaching any mistake. If he loves you, he’ll be desperate to please you. If he’s not … just fuck him, have sex with him, and after that dump him, just to make him feel responsible for you. You can also have some crisis to make the things more nasty. You can scream or you can cry. He would be mad and crazy, but it will be ok.
Tell him that he’s not so good in bed that he was, and ask him about some sexual problems. He shall feel awfully.

Then it’s just poetry.

If he’s not good, there`s always someone else.

Dedicated to someone 😉

Cristi Dorombach

Cristi Dorombach, creator de conținut la techcorner.ro, dcristi.ro scrie despre internet, online, social, politic, filme, muzică, viața de zi cu zi pe blog.

13 thoughts on “Fuck him, then dump him

  1. why don’t you wanna try to study English some more… this way you’re not gonna make a fool of yourself when you’re writing something in your blog.
    come on, i have had higher expectations…
    if you do not believe me, i can translate your text into Romanian to see how it sounds like…

    anyway, keep up the good work

  2. nu-s master, da ma zgarie gramatica pe scaritza si pe alte cele ale urechii interne. fie ea gramatica romana, fie “englezeasca”.
    – inainte de “and” nu se pune vigula. ca si in romana de altfel…
    – nu am inteles faza cu “Tell him that he’s not so good in bed that he was”. vrei sa spui “tell him that he not as good in bed as he used to be” poate…
    – “more nasty”…adik “nastier”, nu?
    – la povestea cu “If he loves you, he’ll be desperate to please you. If he’s not … just fuck him..” a doua fraza suna mai bine cu “If he doesn’t… just fuck him…”

    si poate mai sunt si altele mai marunte care imi scapa…
    sorry nu am putut sa ma abtin.
    in rest toate bun si frumoase. bloggerii romani trebuie sa scrie mai mult in engleza… o sa incep si eu sa postez ca merita sa fii…international 🙂

  3. a … bun … astea`s greseli frecvente ce mi se intampla … si le recunosc … sunt din cauza ca nu exersez (n-am ocazia) multzam de ajutor …

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