Puya la Folk You Vama Veche

Puya a fost huiduit la Folk You in Vama Veche. A fost primit cu sticle si multa muie.


Imagini Neptun TV

Acum sunt curios, pe cine altcineva trebuiau sa invite? Ce cantareti de folk mai avem in tara, in viata?

Si definitia folk din wikipedia, ca sa nu o mai cautati voi daca nu stiati ce e exact.

Folk music is an English term encompassing both traditional folk music and contemporary folk music. The term originated in the 19th century. Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted by mouth, as music of the lower classes, and as music with unknown composers. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. It has become increasingly common to refer to this type of music as traditional music.

Starting in the mid-20th century a new form of popular folk music evolved from traditional folk music. This process and period is called the folk revival and reached a peak in the 1960s. The most common name for this new form of music is also “folk music”, but is often called “folk revival music” or “contemporary folk music” to make the distinction.[1] This type of folk music also includes fusion genres such as folk rock, electric folk, and others. While contemporary folk music is a genre generally distinct from traditional folk music, it often shares the same English name, performers and venues as traditional folk music; even individual songs may be a blend of the two.

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